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Texas & USA




approx 12 in texas with cutout of longhorn or A&M and saying on the texas




18" sign Longhorns only; Longhorn country; Aggie country; Aggies only are most popular signs, but can pesonalize with your school



Large cross:  A&M colors

the large cross is 24' tall


Small cross:

small cross is 10' tall


(the crosses can be customized for your school/college


Small cross:

small cross is 10' tall


(the crosses can be customized for your school/college


Texas Letter Holder

approximately 24 tall x 5 wide. 



Texes hat rack

hat rack 24" long with 3 metal star hooks


 School/College Signs

Longhorn country, Longhorns only, Aggies only, Aggie country each 18"

$5.50 ea


Texas Star

15 x 15" layered wooden stars with white metal stars in the middle       $25.00 

8 x 8" is also available



Three cheers for the red, white and blue

7" wide x 7" tall    




Texas cross #1

24" tall, botton layer blue, middle layer whie, black metal start      





I love america

8" wide x 10" tall






God bless america

15" wide x 15" tall      







 12" Texas with wooden star, boot and longhorn hanging down 




Cross #2

24" tall cross with blue cross on back layer, red cross middle layer and 2 metal stars on top layer





The Stars are big and bright

10-12" wood Texas with stars wired over it 




Welcome to the Ranch Wreath

18" wreath with paper twist bow and star in center with longhorn, Texas, and boot.  




Texas Wreath

18" wreath with Texas and stars and paper twist bow




Heart USA

 7" wooden heart accent with wooden star




 USA Flag

 6" wooden flag







Texas Tin

15" wide Texas painted tin




Texas Oil Can

12" tall Texas painted tin




God Bless America

6" tall Texas painted tin





Kitchen strainer painted with texas stars





approx 18 in tall wooden boot hangs
from wire and accent with burlap
that is personalized with family name




Boot door hanger

Approx 16 in tall wood boot. Can be personaziled with your name and colors